Winter in Korea: Day 2 - Everland & Dongdaemun!

I'm pretty stoke to finally come about on the second day of my Korea trip. This is where all the fun begins! 

Here's Part 1 of my Korea travelog if you missed it. Basically we spent one day of travelling and settling down. After that delicious dinner, I definitely had a good night sleep. Surely needing all the rest that I can get for a whole day of activity ahead. Keep on reading and you will surely know why... 

On the eve of Christmas, the itinerary was to spend a day in Everland. It's better to visit theme parks on a non public holiday as there will be less people. So, we started off the day with breakfast at a nearby cafe near the Hotel that we were staying. You will soon realise that most of the cafe's or the restaurants that we visited are some random places as we didn't really planned out where to eat. Most of it was just stops at along the way.

I'm all bundled up to brace the cold wintry air. This morning it's about 2-3 degree celsius and it got lower (below 0 degree celsius) throughout the day!

We decided to take the train route (since our hotel is near the station) to Everland by using the Everline which will stop right at the theme park. Here's the directions from Myeongdong station:

1- Take train to Chungmuro station
2- Transfer to Line 3  and take train to Yangjae station
3- Transfer to Shinbundang Line and take train to Jeongja
4- Transfer to Bundang Line and take train to Giheung
5- Transfer to Everline and take train to Jeondae - Everland.

Or if your keen on taking the bus,  go to Gangnam station, Line 2, Exit 6 or 7. Walked pass by the Dunking Donuts and cross the road. The bus stops in the middle of the busy road. Bus 5002 will go to Everland.

Double checking on the route to take.

Right when you step outside of Giheung station, this building is the where you will be taking Everline. We thought we came out of the wrong station but thank god we looked around the area.

First sight of snow! This means we're really out of Seoul city already.

Yongin Everline looks like the monorails that we have here.

Look at the view!! Breathtakingly stunning.

We're almost there!

Once you reached the last station you will come out to this. Just cross the bridge and you will be able to see Everland sign boards everywhere.

After what feels like a long train ride, we are finally here!!

On the day we went to Everland it is open from 10:00 - 20:00 but it also varies on the dates. So if your planning to go there, it would be best to double check on their website. Also another perk for foreigners, they have discount coupons that you can print out. The fare that we paid with the coupons cost 35,000 won per person.

Since it's christmas season, everywhere is decked out with christmas decorations. I like!

The ever famous magical tree that you will never miss once you walk in. It's so much nicer during the night. I have some shots of it down below.

Everything look like they came out from fairy tales. 

Everland is really huge! It's divided into 5 sections namely Global fair, American adventure, Magic land, European adventure and Zoo-Topia. Since it's so huge, we didn't really know where to start. Honestly, I don't think we manage to cover the entire area. Since we were really just following the crowd, we came across this ski lift that will bring us down to Zoo-Topia.

Fist animal in sight, Mr Polar bear!

I read around blogs and gotten to know that you should not miss this safari ride. Basically the animals in this safari are not in cages as we see in the zoo. They are all left running freely and guest will be sitting inside a caged bus to see the animals. This is the current standing number of lions, tigers, bears and etc. Their most unique animal that they have is a Liger, a mix of a lion and a tiger.

The view as we wait for the bus to come.

The ride begins here. 

White tigers.

See how freely they are left running around.


Spotted a lion.

The one Liger here. 

As the tour ends, we came across an owl and really huge eagle. I have never seen an eagle so unclose before and didn't expect them to be so huge!

After the safari tour, we continue to wonder around.

First sight of the oldest wooden roller coaster.

OMG! These sheep are the cutest!

This tent is basically your life saver during winter time. They have heaters set inside for you to warm yourself.

One of the main reason that we came to Everland was because of something inside Alpine Village. 


Snow buster! Yes, one of the main reason that we came here. All for snow sleighing! Only available during winter and they have 3 different rides in Alpine Village. This slope is the medium size slope. Which is high but not very high.

The second one is for kids. OMG those kids were so freaking cute!

Of course to satisfy us, we headed straight to the highest slope.

What an amazing view we got while walking up the flight of stairs. Everland is definitely HUGE!

Another sight of thick snow while in queue!

Of course this is a photo taking opportunity. 

Dum dum dum! Definitely worth sitting it once in your life time.

After snow buster, we went looking around the shops.

T-Express, they say you need to experience it at least once. But too bad the weather was too cold for me to handle thus it was a pass. Maybe next time.

As nightfall comes closer, the lights will start to brighten up the park. 

Eat cotton candy in Korea during winter, check!

Life saver during winter. You will definitely catch me sticking my hands up one of this whenever we pass by.


Look at those lights that illuminate the entire park!

This baby girl was so cute, she called out to her mum and said some magical word while waving her wand!

Lights everywhere!

Saying goodbye to a magical world. Till next time!

We decided to head down to Dongdaemun after to get dinner. Here's the bright staircase right outside the train station that will lead you right to Dongdaemun.

If you intend to do some shopping while in Seoul, Dongdaemun is the right place for you! They have shopping malls which open till 4am in the morning. Speaking of hard core shopping. 

Dinner at some random shop. Eventhough its random, the food is still good!

That concludes day 2 which is one heck of a tiring day and also took me so long to blog about it. Wait up for day 3 which hopefully will be up sooner if not later. :) 

Have a great day ahead peeps! 

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  1. I want to visit Korea!!!
    The places you went look super cool and fun!~~ XD
    I loved looking at the photos you took :D
    btw, I'd like to invite you to my giveaway where you could win $90 worth of korean cosmetics!
    I hope you'll check it out & join~
    xx Charmaine

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  2. Thanks Charmaine! I'm missing Korea right now. Wish to make another trip down there again :)

  3. Hi, may I know are all the rides open during winter? I'm planing to go in mid december.

    Hope to hear from you. Thanks! :)

    1. Hi Shermaine,
      Thank you for the visit!
      Yes, most of the rides are open during winter. The best part is the sledging!
      Wishing you an enjoyable trip ahead!

      XO Mabes