Christmas Gift Ideas

So, since christmas is in a weeks time, what more do you have to do besides christmas shopping?

Doing some christmas shopping might just do some damage to your wallet, and it might drill your brain on what to get for your loved ones, fret not here are some ideas on what to get as a christmas gift.

Top 3 Christmas gift ideas for her. 

'Chocolate can never go wrong in any ways'

I'm not asking you to wrap up the hot chocolate drink for her as a christmas gift...
It's more of going to the extend to get her the chocolate powder. :)

Why chocolate powder you may ask? Well, you would be the sweetest boyfriend on the earth to treat your lady to a homemade hot coco. Surprise her with your creativity. There are so many hot coco recipe that you could get online. Sweep her off her feet with your sweetness. 

It might also taste much sweeter when its drank from a christmas mug. 

See what i mean? ;)


I know it sounds common but girls just love getting them. Coming from someone intimate, they would bring some sentimental value to it.

Do some research on what she likes or what she wants.

For the christmas season, i think snowflake jewelry are adorable.
Snowflake necklace, snowflake earrings, or snowflake bracelet.

It might not be something related to christmas also. Something simple but thoughtful yet wouldn't cost a bomb to your wallet.

A good book.
Girls love reading and if your girl it that kind of laid back, chilling girl i bet you she would like to have a great book to read.

There's a wide range to choose from tho, it all depends on what genre she likes.
Romance would be a girls choice. Anyways i like storys with a romantic ending. :)

Since the theme is christmas, i think getting a great christmas theme book would be nice.
I suggest some classic christmas novel.

Top 3 Christmas gift ideas for him

I've said it once and im gonna say it another time.

Chocolate! CHOCOLATE! can never go wrong.

If your guy goes crazy over chocolate, i think it would be the easiest gift to think of, and best of all, this present will never go wrong!

PS3 games. Or any kind of game your guy would play
Guys just cant get tired of playing games, and there are always so many new games in the market every year. It's something simple but i definitely think its something that your guy would love it (In condition that he is into those sort of games).

According to my guy, these are the names of games that i usually hear from him.

Assassins Creed

Call of Duty

These games seem like they have the latest versions, so expect to do some research before purchasing any. And also remember to check his collections, you dont want to risk getting the same game and spoil the whole surprise.

I think the current hype is skyrim

the latest version of assassin creed etc.

A wallet is sort of a handbag for guys.
It's an essential for them.
And im sure if you realize, they wear off fast.

So a wallet as a present will be great.
There's so many wallets to choose and i think guys look good with a leather wallet. ;)

In a nutshell, I would recommend you setting a budget for your gifts and not to over spend.

'It's not the value of the present that counts but the thought and effort that was put into it.'

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