Color inspiration of the month: TURQUOISE !

It's the spring season, and sadly we are not fortunate enough to be able to savor this amazingly beautiful season. But nevertheless our Malaysia is still the best, cause of 365 days of sun/rain. That means we are able to pull off the spring look for 365 days if we want to. ;)

What i like when it comes to spring are floral prints, pastel colors (which are oh-so-sweet!) and also neons. I've been window shopping on forever 21 these few days.. and i came across this amazing color. At first glance i never thought that i would have liked it.

Turquoise.. It's not too much or blue nor it's not too much of a green either.

This color have been pretty interesting. There's so many pieces that you can mix and match with. It just give you a fresh oomph to your look.

I've discovered these few pretty pieces from forever 21 that would help inspire you guys.

Match this with a white sheer crop top and your good to go for the day. It will balance your look with the right amount of pallet color, not too much, not to little. 

I totally fell in love with these since i saw them. They help to accessorize any simple look. The gold just give it a nice clean cut to the bangles. 

I've been eyeing on feather earrings for some time now. I think they look so cute especially when you wear it under your hair. 

3 staple pieces that would give you the balance of color for any look that you want to pair it with. Rule of thumb, less is more. :)

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