My lomography story

Lomography.. have you heard of it? It's a form of photography art. People still debate on it, that they can achieve the same thing using a DSLR camera with some editing on the photo. But honey, it's not the same as actually going back old school. 

The anticipation of waiting for the photos to be developed, the result of the photos that you have no control of. The disappointments that you get from a bad photo and also the surprise of unexpected turn outs. 

I first googled of lomography and straight away fell in love with it. The first thing that caught my eye was the various type of camera that produces different effects, well the second highlight of lomography is the design of each camera. They have so many cool designs to choose from and I'm sure if your purchasing one, you might find yourself having a hard time choosing. 

I dwelled into this art is because of the boyfriend. I was browsing so much around on forum lowyat for lomo cameras and was talking so much about it. How interesting the effect of the photo will be and also the cute designs that they have. I was ready to save up and get myself one in a few months time. But lo and behold! Jing Jing Jing, the boyfriend beat me to it. 

My beloved Lomography Diana Mini en rose. 

This small little thing does wonders. It might look harmless but mind you, the photos that turn out from this baby is AAAMMMMAAAZZZIIINGG!!

These photos are all taken using my diana mini and it's not edited except for watermarks. 

Get what i mean with the effects? 

This photo of the baby is my best shot so far i think. It was totally unexpected as i just point and shoot. 

This is the result of double exposure to the film. 

Overall on my first roll of film, there were many that turn out wrong but there was also nice ones like the above. 

I just sent 3 rolls of film to wash and am excited on how it would turn out. So stay tune for that experiment results :)

If your interested in getting hands-on on lomography try googling and reading on it, and also you could check out their website. They provide lots of information on it and also their community uploads amazing photos that you can view. 

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