March Favourites

This was suppose to be up yesterday, but i was kinda busy doing something else. There's so little time in a day and so much to accomplish. Did you guys off your lights for an hour yesterday? Earth hour = candle light dinner for me. ;)

So lets just get to it, my march favorite products. 


L-R: Hada labo moisturizer, Bodyshop tea tree toner, Smith's rosebud salve, Burtsbee lip balm

I've been using these few products daily, and they work well for me. My skin just gets better after switching to these few products. Mind you, my skin is prone to acne and it just gets oily throughout the day. 

Bodyshop tea tree toner
This toner does great for my skin. I've bought this around february and i've been using it twice a day for the past whole month. Before this, i was using Loreal's toner. It's good, but it doesn't work as well as this toner for my skin. It really helps to prevent my skin from acne breakouts. Prevention is better than curing for acne prone skin. It also helps to prevent from scarring if you take your precautions. 

The bottom of the toner has residues (look at pink arrow) , you have to shake it before using. After shaking, it would look like this.

Pour some into a cotton and swipe it over your face and your safe from acne! 

The next product is easily accessible. It's available in any Watson or Guardian. 

Hada Labo moisturizer

One small drop goes a long way. Remember the other time when i was asking which moisturizer to get? Well, i made my choice to give this a try. It does exactly what it says, it's super moisturizing and the texture does not leave a sticky feeling after you've apply it. 

It's abit pricy compared to the Loreal moisturizer, but all you need is just one small dollop twice a day. 

Looks familiar? Thought you might have seen this lip balm somewhere? Well its actually the Burt's bee 

Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil

Which is suppose to have this packaging..

I've used it so often (but not too often enough to have finished the whole balm) that the label just came off. I really like this lip balm. It helps moisturize my lips when it's chapped, its hydrating enough and i would normally reapply it 2-3 times and i can see the result. The taste doesn't really bother me, I don't mind it actually. 

The last beauty product that i just recently discovered it's good-ness is the Smith's rosebud salve. 

This balm is multipurpose. It can be used on dry skin, on rashes, as a lip balm. I used it mostly for my chapped lips. I don't really fancy the smell of this balm. It smells so heavily of roses, some girls might just like it. 

You can find this at any sephora outlet. I don't remember how much it cost tho. 

I guess that's all for my March favorites. I would try to update my blog more often. I've actually had many ideas planned out, but sometimes i tend to slack. So bear with me :) 

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