Simple easter nail tutorial

This sunday would be Easter day. I don't normally celebrate easter but nevertheless I'm inspired to dress up my nails for the occasion. 

What you will need :

Base coat and top coat

3 colors of choice. 

A piece of scrap paper/whatever random paper around you and a hair pin with round ends/toothpick (whichever works well for you).

Lets get to it! 

Firstly you would want to have a clean and dry bare hands. 

Next, I layer a thin layer of base coat to my nails. This helps to protect and also help to minimize discoloration of my nails. 

Wait for the base coat to fully dry before proceeding to doing anything. The base coat would also help to even out the nail polish and make it easier to apply. 

I than took the shimmery nude color and painted my thumb, middle finger and ring finger. Go over it once or twice, i went with twice. 

While waiting for the 3 fingers to dry, i went ahead and did my index finger and ring finger. Painting the tips of the nails is not that hard, you just need a little bit of practice to get it right. If you want an evenly painted tip, try sticking on scotch tape before painting your nails. 

Or they do sell those ready made tapes for painting the tips of your nails. 

By the time I'm done with my nail tips, my 3 fingers are dry enough to do my design. I've chosen a pastel blue that is so utterly cute. 

To do the polka dot design, all you need to do is pour some nail polish into a piece of paper and dip the hair pin/ toothpick into it. 

Here I'm using a hair pin that has round ends. Depending on how big of the tools your using, the size of the dots would turn out different. 

SOOO, just dip and dot.. dot.. dot.. over your nails. I try to make it look even without too much of a random dotting. 

Last but not least, you shouldn't skip on the last step which can help you seal and protect your designs plus gives your nail the shinny effect of freshly done nails. 

Top coat. 

The end result... 

It's just as simple as 1,2,3... 
This look can be worn on any other day as well, it doesn't have to be specifically just for easter.
Have fun and get those creative juice flowing! =)

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