Leg mask

Just a quick update that i thought i would share with you guys. 

My feet these days feel so dry, and i sometimes tend to neglect my feet cause i'm too lazy. lol. I guess most of us could relate to that as we tend to focus more on our face and hands and just forget that our feet is also as important. 

So over the weekend, i just took out my trusty feet lotion and slather it generously on my feet. 

My trusteeeee heel genius from soap and glory. ;p

Soap and glory product, it not only works well but it smells so good. An extra plus. 

I apply this before i sleep, when i wake up the next morning, my feet is so soft and well hydrated. You know what better way to retain the moisture? Just wear a pair of sock after you apply and leave it overnight. 

I can guarantee you that your feet will feel much pampered. 

Ok, i guess that's just it. Sorry if i gross you out on my feet or you don't even wanna care about my feet.  Nevermind tho, next round of post i might add in some pictures of food. :) 

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