Staying positive


Day to day we are being consumed by thoughts. Either negatively or positively, our mind just don't filter anything. The Secret was talking about the law of attraction. Like attracts like. It's some sort like a magnet. When your thinking of something, lets say your thoughts are telling you "no, i can't do this. Its too hard!", this will attract what goes around your universe.

They say,your mind won't filter out something that you don't want. Either it's negative or positive it does not register. In conclusion, we should always think of positive ways to solve a problem or to get through a day. Keep that positive thought in your mind all the time.

After reading The Secret (and I'm not done with it yet) I tried to practice it's teaching of having positive thoughts. Looking at a cup half full instead of half empty.

I was trying to solve a problem today, something to do with my xampp + netbeans. All i could think of is that i can do it, and I actually did it! I manage to solve the problem and find out the cause of it. I was pleased with myself for a brief second and after really looking at the problem, it actually is just a small issue. The solution was right in front of my eyes but i overlooked it so many times.

Sometimes we are just too caught up with our thoughts, overly thinking of something and never realized all along that the solution could be right in front of us.

I realized that The Secret have it's point, and from now i want to keep a positive mind! The least i could do is to live by this rule and get through the day.

So guys, don't sweat the small stuff! And it's all just small stuff.


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