Skincare Routine: The (almost) Korean Edit

It's been a while since I last talk about my skincare routine. Here's the post, back in 2014. It is of course an appropriate time to finally do an updated skincare routine as I have completely switched up all my skincare products - to an almost complete Korean beauty brand. 

I got to admit, those days of binge watching K-Dramas has got the influence on me. I can't get over how Koreans can have such clear, smooth, radiant looking skin. They must have been looking after their skin religiously. So with that thought, I have manage to streamline my skincare with added extra steps into my routine.

Most of my products are from Innisfree, just cause they are a brand that is actually affordable and I do believe that their products deliver the results. I mostly used their sheet mask and genuinely enjoy using it. I have not actually tried out any of their skincare range before until this routine. So, here's what I have been using for the past 2 months..

Step 1: Face Wash - Innisfree Bija Trouble Facial Foam
Innisfree has a range of skincare that targets on blemish prone skin which is the Bija Trouble range. This face wash does foam up abit when lathering and it has a slight cooling sensation. It doesn't leave my skin feeling tight or gives a tingling feel, but rather it feels refreshing after using it. It's definitely a gentle face wash.

Step 2: Toner - Innisfree Bija Trouble Skin
Follow up with a Toner to balance out the PH level and give my skin another round of wipe down as well. 

Step 3: Serum - Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum
This step is a new addition to my routine. I've not actually used many serums before this, and the Green Tea Seed Serum is one of the bestsellers in Innisfree. I thought to give it a try and I think I'm actually loving this. It gives the skin an extra boost of moisture and actually makes my skin feel much smoother without irritating my breakouts. One pump is suffice to cover my face. 

Step 4: Spot correcting - Khiel's Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment
As my skin is pimple prone, my routine wouldn't be complete without a spot correcting treatment. If you should know, I have always loved using Lush's Grease Lightning but it's just quite hard to get hold  of it here as there is not one local Lush store in Malaysia. So I gave it a try for Khiel's Belmish Control and have been applying it daily over the troubled spots. It helps in minimizing and controlling the redness, but it takes some time to treat the spots. 

Step 5: Moisturizer - Khiel's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream / Laniege Water Bank Essence
I've got two different moisturizer, one for day and the other for night. I use Khiel's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream for the day, as I know I will be layering up my skin with makeup, so this will keep my skin sebum under control. During the night, the Laneige Water Bank Essence will bring an extra boost of moisture and helps with skin repairing plus I wake up with a smoother and softer skin in the morning. 

Step 6: Sunscreen - Khiel's Ultra Light UV Defense / Murad Oil Free Sunscreen
I seldom incorporate a sunscreen into my routine and only have been relying on my foundation for SPF, which I know it is actually not enough. So I have added this step into the routine as well. 

Step 7: Mist - Innisfree Aloe Revital Skin Mist
To top things off, I finish the routine with a little spray of a mist to freshen up and prep the skin for makeup. I have in hand is a sample of the Innisfree Aloe Revital Skin Mist which I enjoyed using it so much that I ended up getting the full sized mist. 

The past couple of months with this routine has totally changed my skin for the better, besides the occasional (hormonal) breakout, my skin has been really good. Supple and soft. Realistically I do skip the full night time routine once in a while - with just leaving it at step 1, cause there are just times when you feel like you've had enough of the day and so ready for bed the moment you reach home. 

What's your current skincare routine?

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Disclaimer:- All the products seen above is purchased with my own money or gifted and is not sponsored unless stated otherwise. This review is intended to share information with my readers and are my own opinion. 


  1. Lovely write up!! Korean cosmetics and skincare brands are just the best!!

    1. Thank you! Yes, the results are the best part!

  2. Good post. I will be dealing with a few of these issues as well.