Ahhhhh last few days of 2012. How has it been going with everyone? How was your christmas? Well, mine was OK OK la.

Spent my Christmas Eve out of kl, and I'm going to blog about that soon. Actually I've got lots to share. Lots of pictures to edit too. Putting that on hold for a while.

But anyways, last few days of the year. Time to plan for a new year to come and new resolutions and new attitude and so many new things that we all want actually. And we normally take the new year to do it. How bad of a procrastinator, need to wait for the new year to come than only we get our butts moving.

Guess how I'm blogging now, trying out for the first time blogging on the go while I'm at a nail parlor waiting for my turn to do my nails. :) technology is awesome!

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