Hit with a pang!

Tis the season to realise that a new year is gonna come and it's time to make amends to what we have done wrong. Rolling in the new year with a clean slate. 

It just hit me last night that it's really gonna be the end of year 2012, time to bring in 2013, and i'm still wondering what have i accomplished through out the whole year. There we go again. Time to ponder upon things and reminiscence about the year. 

What have we done wrong and what have we done right. 

Any new friends to be thankful. 
Any old friends to be grateful. 

Being grateful that this year has turn out how it has and not wanting to change any bit of it.
This is a good start on how we are going to shape 2013. Moulding and reshaping oneself is something that takes time, not one thing that is going to happen overnight.

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Mind my rambling.

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