Review: Laneige water sleeping pack

I've been seeing people raving about this product, whether it's from a blog or from youtube, and they claim that it does really help their skin. In terms of brightening and giving it some boost of moisture. 

This small little powerful thing has won itself Cosmo Asian Beauty awards in 2011. So powderful!

"Light gel-type texture provides intensive hydration, vitality, and brightening effect while restoring skin with deep relaxation."

Since reading so much on how good this product is and also asking my friends, I've decided "omg i needed to have that!". Honestly prior to typing out this blogpost, I've only used it three times, and such amazingly i can definitely see that it works right away! No time to waste baby..  

This mask works such that you apply it after your night time cleanse and toner while skipping all your eye creams.  Just scoop a dollop onto your fingers, dot it around your forehead, nose, chins, and cheeks. Whiff in the scent for 3 seconds and than slowly spread it all over your face. Wait some time for it to slowly being absorbed into your skin than only you have a nice sleep. This is what they definitely call 'beauty sleep'. All you need to do the next morning is to just wash it off. 

Why the need to wait 3 seconds you may ask? Well, cause the smell would help soothe you before you hit the snooze button. Ohmaigod this product has got so many benefit in one! *thumbs up* 

This is how it looks like. The texture is light weight and smooth when you apply it. 

After using this for three times, always the next morning i wake up to a more hydrated and visibly brighter skin. I even share this small little goody with my mum and she cant stop coming back for more! This product is design for all skin type, so not to worry. 

I definitely would repurchase this product again in the future :) 

For those who is wondering how much is this, well you can just drop by any Laneige counter and purchase one for RM 100. 

It may be pricey but for such good product, i definitely would still get it. 

There is another alternative, for those who might be flying to Singapore Changi Airport, you can get your hands on this baby for only $50.50 and the catch is that it comes in a set of TWO! So that means your get two of this 80ml water sleeping pack for $50.50! Ahhhhhhh the benefits of shopping at airports.  
You can check out more on this product here
 I hope you have a pleasant time reading this review as there are more in time to come. I've been trying out some new products and i'm loving it. So, do keep in check here! xoxo 

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