Singapore Part 1: Wild Honey

Right last day of the year and I'm finally gonna blog about my singapore trip! Looking at the big load of pictures that i have to skim through is a pain in the ass. I will go like "ohhhh that picture fits nicely but than the next one looks better. Oh hell! I cant decide!!" OH BOY, The mind of an indecisive girl.

Anyhooooo... i'm going to split my whole trip to a few parts, as i don't want to bore you to death on having to read on such a long post, and also cause i think it's ideal to separate it as i'm visiting different places around singapore. 

This time round, i've made two trips in a month to singapore. One whole year i've not been travelling far and once i start travelling, i go to the same place twice! I feel really blessed and grateful about it. For the coming year, I do really want to travel more out of the country. Being at this age right now, it's the best time to travel around and experience different culture and new sights. So far, I've been daydreaming of France, Italy, England. It will definitely be my goal to travel there in the near future! Anybody wanna make my dream come true is definitely most welcome! :)

Day one of settling down in singapore, I went to wild honey for a nice breakfast.

Here's the whole menu for you to see. They serve really nice breakfast meals! and best of all it's all day breakfast, so you can go anytime you want. 

The ambience of the place is also really nice. 

I had to wake up super early just to catch this breakfast. While I reach around 8, Im really surprised that there's already so many people there. Or maybe it's just me, I'm not a morning person to have breakfast. :p

They have nice china hanging on the walls as deco.

 Here's my cup of cappuccino to really wake me up! It's smooth and nice. 

Moroccan chicken pie that my uncle had.

Here's my Portobello road breakfast. Poached eggs on super thick toast. I'm not much a fan of thick toasts but this one is nice, and after having two of this i'm already super full! This is only my second time having eggs Benedict's, but hands down so far this hollandaise sauce is superb. 

My aunts European breakfast. Which looks amazingly nice but i didn't had the chance to taste it. I was already too full with my own serving. 

Their scones is also really yummy. With some whip cream and strawberry jam, you will be licking your fingers clean. 

 Another perks of dining at wild honey is that their service is really good! Their waiters are really alert on what the customer wants and they serve you with a smile. :) This is the kind of service that makes customers wanting to come back again without thinking twice. Good food, good service, nice and clean ambience. What more do we need to think twice? 

Why dont i just let the pictures do the talking. 

Their tarts on display is also for sale. 

Their own home made jams. 

Loafs of breads and muesli on display.

Their exterior of the shop looks nice. I like the simple design of displaying their breads/tarts/muffins etc. 

 "Wild honey. No place like home"

 For those who is interested to go and have a try at wild honey. They currently have two locations in singapore. One is at Scotts Square and another at Mandarin Gallery. You can visit here to find out more information. 

Overall i think i did enjoy my time dinning at wild honey. Feels nice and cozy to dine at this kind of place, and how can i say no to good food?!?!? :] 

 Right... after some good time of drooling over food, now here's a random picture of an artwork. Enjoy... 

I think it looks like a coil?

How's everyone gonna celebrate the new year tonight? Anyway it goes, i'm sure it will be a blast! Lets say good bye to the old and hello to the new!! Happy New Year! 

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