Cheers! 2013

Hello everybody! 

How was everyone's new year celebration? Mine was awesome. I had an awesome celebration at the pool! Inviting the new year with good music and good friends and also my New Years kiss!!! :) 

Here we go again, a new slate for the year. Page 2 of 365. How am I gonna write my book? I Definitely wanna do more than I did the year before and to achieve greater things in life. 
Well of course all of us wants to achieve greater things in life. Right?

I've been thinking of my New Years resolution. Should I set some goals? It's sort of a norm for me that I don't follow it till the end of the year. Hahaha. I never do! But I also want things to change. Change for the better that is.

So here's my currentl New Years resolution:
1) Set a daily routine - this is cause I've been in hibernation for too long and it seems like my daily routine has been off the charts.
2) Read more - yes! Definitely something I need to do every night before I sleep.
3) Blog more - been kind of hooked to blogging now and I like it. :)
4) Travel - there's many places I want to travel to.
5) Gain weight - working very hard on this one! It seems like its taking me forever to achieve!!

Let me just stick to having 5 first. A good start eh... ;)

Here's a toast to a good start of the year and also a very good year ahead for everyone!
Cheers to good health!
Cheers to good wealth!
Cheers for a good career!

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