Singapore Part 2: Gardens by the bay

Phewww!! Uploading 100 over pictures took so damn long, man... Finally blogging about gardens by the bay, and let me fairly warn you that this post is gonna be photo heavy. Lots and lots of them! 

Alright, down to business! If you haven't read my first post of Singapore, please do?? OK? Just click here, I went to a nice restaurant where they serve yummy yummy foods. 

Now, now, it really has taken me quite a while to get this post done. Hahahaha Im so lazy laaaa... I might just let the pictures do the talking. 

This time around, i went to Gardens by the bay. Took MRT there, and it's so convenient. 

Beautiful posters lining at the side of the underground. 

Ok, so all we need to do is to follow the sign...... Turn left to Gardens by the Bay.

The oh so beautiful ship is in view when you walk along the path to the garden.

Tadaaaa!! We're here!

Just so you dont get lost in this humongous garden, better to refer the map.

This looks so unique. Its seriously huge!

If im not mistaken, there's actually a restaurant on top of that.

These are just some photos of the garden.

Ok... I know christmas has been over like 2 months ago, but christmas trees are awesome!

I'm seriously letting the pictures talk....

Feels like back to nature huh? Phew... so many photos, i hope you get through the end to read this. Thanks so much! xoxo 

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