Wonderbox February

Wooohoooo! Got my first Wonderbox in the mail last week, and i only have the time to blog about it now. Yea.. yea... I'm sloowwwww like that! But nevertheless, i'm still here to talk about Wonderbox. hehehehe

If you've not heard of Wonderbox before, seriously, have you been living under a cave?!? Wonderbox is basically a monthly subscription to a beauty box. It's similar to subscriptions that is available in the US like Glossybox, or the ever famous Michelle Phan's glam bag. All you just need to do is pay a subscription fee of RM39.90 for a monthly subscription and your box will be mailed to your door step. Well, the best part is the stuff inside the box. You wouldn't know what you will get till you open it! Surprise! Surprise! Wonderbox will be filled with up to 5 samples of premium cosmetics and beauty products.

TAADAAAAA!!! I was so excited when it reach my doorstep and just tore away the beautiful ribbon before taking any pictures. So here's just the box.

The first thing you see when you open the box is a brochure on how to collect Wonderpoints. To get some Wonderpoints, all you need to do is spread the word about Wonderbox or fill out a survey they have and automatically Wonderpoints will be credited into your account. Where you could redeem a month of subscription for free!

Right, the next thing you will see is a brochure on all the items that is included in the box along with the price of the item. 

And this month, what's included inside the February box is:
1) 20ml Clinelle moisture booster which cost at retail price RM 72
2) 30ml Murad energizing pomegranate moisturizer (retail price for 50ml - RM 180)
3) 3.5ml Murad vitalic T-zone pore refining gel (retail price for 50ml -RM 228)
4) RM30 Murad gift voucher
5) 30ml H20+ Oasis dual action exfoliating cleanser (retail price for 120ml -RM 99)
6) 30ml H20+ Marine toner (retail price for 200ml -RM 99)
7) 5ml Jacqueline Burchell nail lacquer retail price at SGD 9(RM22)
8) Complimentary decorations to make it looks so pretty! :)

I had a try on the Murad energizing pomegranate moisturizer, and i liked it. The fact that there's SPF 15 in it just seals the deal! I Never tried any Murad products before and so far after trying this moisturizer, i might consider getting some of Murad's product to include in my skin care regime. Thanks to Wonderbox, i could use the Murad gift voucher to get my new Murad products! hahahah 

I did a swatch on the nail lacquer. The colour looks like a musky green with abit on the metallic side. Yea, i kinda screwed up the swatch, I was trying to zoom my camera and bam! Hit my nail on the lens. Seriously I can never do anything for a whole two hours whenever i want a perfectly done nails.

I'm excited to try all the other products included in the box. I've also never tried any H20 products or Clinelle prodcuts before, and now i get too! Though this month's Wonderbox is filled with mostly skin care products, i hope to see more of make up products. I'm hopeful for next month! 

I already signed up for next month's Wonderbox. If you would want to know more just click here and it would lead you directly to their site. 

Till next time! XOXO

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