A week in update.

Last semester for my degree has not been easy and this does not include the sleepless nights yet. I'm expecting it to come sooner than i thought. But oh well, my hard work will pay off in the future. Right now, I don't think i have been working hard enough LOL. Anyways, I've been so occupied with school work that I have not taken the time to update my blog, till now.

A quick update on my week and I realize that life is basically on a standstill, not much of a happening person right now. I have to give up everything to focus on my studies. There's quite a lot going on my plate and I don't think I can take on anything more.

I guess in life we just need to sacrifice one thing for another. Either this or that.

On another note.... Im obsessed with this! Oh god, this thing is addictive! It's crunchy and at the same time that hint of chocolate center makes it so perfect.

Another mouthwatering dish! Fried laksa!! Tried this once and definitely not enough.

And to conclude, this is exactly how it feels. :)

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