Beauty haul! Oct 2013

It's that time of the month again where I have a sudden urge to go shopping, mainly just to get my face wipes that I ran out of... and whatever comes next. Since Sephora opened another new outlet at Pyramid, I decided to drop by and get my hands on some goodies that I have been meaning to try but never got the time to get it. But before that, first stop Topshop! 

Topshop face wipes RM23
I usually get my face wipes either from Watsons or Guardian (which is our local drugstore in Malaysia for those who might not know). Normally brands such as Simple or Nivea. But since I am always used to those drugstore kind of face wipes, I thought I would give a higher end brand a try and see if there is any big difference with the drugstore kind. At the same time I do not want to burn a hole in my pocket. So I settled with Topshop face wipes. They claim to be 3 in 1 which will cleanse, tone and moisturise and it has extract of cucumber and aloe vera.

Dropped by Sephora to get my hands on some Soap & Glory products. My first try on S&G products was the foot and hand cream which I really love! So i definitely want to give a try on other products in their range. Decided to get the mini versions of each product just cause I'm afraid I might not like it. Companies should take note on this! :)

Soap & Glory Mini Bad Hair Day Shampoo RM19
When I first take a whiff of the scent, I told myself that I definitelye need to get this. The scent is so amazing! It smells abit orangy-sweet and subtle. However, I couldnt get my hands on the conditioner as they ran out of it. Hopefully the Sephora will restock it by my next visit.

Soap & Glory Mini Clean, Girls Body Wash RM19
I just can't wait to have a bath with this. One thing about S&G is their scents. It smells so freaking nice which totally make you want to stay longer in the showers!

Soap & Glory Mini Scrub'em and Leave'em Body Buff RM19
I was looking for a body scrub and came across this one. Of course I had to throw it into my shopping basket.

Soap & Glory Mini Righteous Body Butter RM19
I'm much into pampering my skin much more than I use too these days.. and it makes me feel so much comforting after a long day of work. This is one body butter that I definitely look forward to try.

Sephora Bath Caps Monoi, Mango and Coconut Rm5/each
I have not tried anything from Sephora home brand before and totally grab this just to try and see if it's great or not.

I'm looking forward to using all these products! If I have the time, I might do a review on each product.

Any recommendation for makeup remover wipes or any brands that I should get my hands on or do a review on the products in my haul, do leave a comment or tweet me @mabeses! Have a happy weekend!

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