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Today i'm not going to bring you another wishlist wednesday, instead this post will be all about inspirations... 

Inspiration is one thing that we all need in life. At least to me, that is what keeps me going, keeps me inspired to move forward. There are so many places that one can find inspiration. I always love to feast my eyes on beautiful pictures of fashion/beauty related stuff. From all these beautiful pictures i always try to get some inspiration to recreate the look. I bring you the top 3 sites that i love looking at! 

1) Tumblr

Tumblr is a really great site to feast your eyes on all beautiful pictures. I kid you not! I was amazed with the pictures that i stumble upon. Not to mention those .gif images that makes it much more fun to browse around! The range of categories that is available in Tumblr is amazing, it does not only have fashion related stuff FYI. Go and try explore around if your keen on it. I usually go on Tumblr to browse and reblog pictures on fashion/beauty  (follow me!)  and from there i always get some inspirations. 

Pinterest is another great site to give you a source of inspiration. What's great about Pinterest is that your able to pin those pretty pictures, and not only that.. its actually a link to the website. Which means that your able to just pin it and read about it later. I not only pin fashion related stuff here but i realise that theres a lot of good recipes/fitness/home deco that you could get hold of. Also if your keen on DIY projects, there's a whole category for it. Seriously i definitely recommend you to check it out! 

My new obsession is Bloglovin! I actually joined Bloglovin some time ago but never actually spent a lot of time browsing on it. All i knew is that it's a site that you would be able to view latest post in the blogsphere. Little did i know that i'm getting obsess with reading blogs these days. Especially beauty related stuff where bloggers would review new beauty items. Bloglovin helped me to gather all the latest blogpost from all the bloggers that i follow. It really helped me a lot in keeping up with the latest post on each blog that i follow (well, cause i don't just follow 1!). Moreover, i dont even need to browse on each blog individually. I can just click on it and Bloglovin will directly link me over! 

That pretty much sums up on where i get my fashion/beauty/etc inspiration. Whenever i feel down or just those days where i don't feel right, i would just go onto these sites and it will instantly make me feel better (am i weird or what?!) :p I hope you get your daily dose of inspiration from here! 

Of course its not just limited to these 3 sites, tweet me @mabeses if you have any sites that you could recommend! 

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