After shower pampering products

The best time for me everyday is being able to have a great shower and when i have the extra time, i do enjoy pampering myself with lathering up on body butters and lotions. It just completes my day and it also helps my mind to be calm. Just great for winding down after a super hectic day. 

I keep my stash of body butter/lotion in a basket to keep them organised as i have a few of them. I like to have a few in hand so that i will be able to switch them up depending on my mood. May i add that scents really play a calming role in putting you to bed!

Johnson's Body Care 24 hr Lasting Moisturisure Body Lotion
With shea butter, vitamin E & jojoba oil, I don't think this body lotion does much in helping to keep my skin moisturised but its just your keep-in-stash kind of handy body lotion. Which to me is nothing much to rave about. 

Victoria's Secret Sheer Love - White cotton & pink lily
The moment i take a whiff on this, OMG i can tell you the scent makes you smell sexy already! The other thing i love about this is that the it just sinks well into your skin and the scent lingers well throughout the night. Which also leaves your bed smelling amazing. 

Nivea Angel Star 24 hr Body Soft soufflé - rapsberry scent
When i first found out that theres a body soufflé type of lotion, i couldn't keep my hands off and straight away purchased it. I don't think this is available in our local Watsons/Guardian store here in Malaysia cause i've not spotted it yet. I managed to purchase this in Singapore's Watsons. The texture  is kind of weird compared to your normal body lotion. As its a soufflé form, the texture is sort of a jelly like consistency where its sort of bouncy when you press it. It absorbs well and fast into the skin and does help in moisturising well. Nivea products seem to be getting on my good book these days. 

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter & Pink Grapefruit Body Butter
Who doesn't love a good body shop body butter?! First thing is that it smells super amazing and my favourite scent is always the satsuma, which I'm currently also using the shower gel now in my bathroom. The body butter is a great to-go-to body lotion where its has a creamy consistency and good moisturising level where your skin will definitely feel softer the next morning. 

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter
I normally like to pair this after a good body scrub in the shower with S&G Scrub 'em and Leave 'em body buff as the scent pairs up perfectly. I think when it comes to S&G products its so much on the scent as it does have one amazing scent! 

L'occitane Cherry Blossom Hand Cream
As we all know L'occitane does produce amazingly good hand cream and how can i exclude this from my stash. L'occitane's hand cream gets absorb fast where you don't have to worry about getting finger prints on your phone. 

Soap & Glory Heel Genius
Hands down, this is by far the best foot cream that i've used before. Every time when i feel that my feet needs a little pampering and pick me up, i will go for this straight away! Slather this on and slip my feet into a cosy pair of socks and it feels great the next morning.

So what are you after shower pampering products and is there any products which is highly recommended? 

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