Review: Freeman Facial Polishing Mask Charcoal & Black Sugar

While i was on the look out for a great facial scrub, i manage to stumble upon freeman's range of facial polishing mask. One tube of product but doubles up as a mask and scrub... pfft what more can i ask for? Yes, i totally love the concept of double duty product which can totally save my time whenever I'm in a hurry (or maybe i'm just lazy) LOL. 

The mask + scrub comes in a 150ml tube which is very convenient and totally fuss free. You don't need to stick in your fingers to scoop out the product and also great to keep out those wet fingers. It's easy to squeeze out the amount of product that you need. On the downside of this, i wasn't able to close the lid back on properly because the sugar in the product was stuck to the lid which made it harder to close. 

It has a sweet musky scent which is not so memorable. I had to take a couple of whiff before registering what kind of scent it gives. The consistency on the other hand is a full on load of sugar! Literally every squeeze of it, you will find the equal amount of sugar to charcoal of product which makes it a great scrub if your looking for a harsh one. 

Upon applying to your skin, you will feel a heated sensation for a minute than it will cool down (which took me by surprise since i have not tried any charcoal products before). Just leave it for 5-7 minutes than scrub for 1-2 minutes to really take away those dead skin cells before rinsing off with lukewarm water. You could also use it just alone as a scrub. 

This product works really well with my skin. The result was a smoother skin and clearer pores. Just what i want whenever i feel that my skin needs that little bit of help in getting its glow back. Try using this before applying your make up, it really help to clear out any impurities and reduces the redness of breakouts. However i do not recommend this for dry skin as it might be too harsh, but it works great for oily/combination skin like mine! 

Disclaimer:- All the products seen above is purchased with my own money and is not sponsored. This review is intended to share information with my readers and are my own opinion. 

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