Twenty Fourteen!


Can't believe it's already 5 days into the new year already?! sayy what?!? Sorry for the lack of updates for December. I was totally enjoying my holidays and taking time off to reassess my life. I guess its that point of time where i would just want to sit back and enjoy my view and think of the future. Looking back at 2013, there was so many obstacles that i needed to go through in order for me to reach my goals and looking back at it, i realise that each and every obstacles has taught me a lesson. 

2013 has been a roller coster ride, but tell me which year won't be one eh? LOL 
Here's my highlight of 2013: 

1- Went through all the sleepless nights and early mornings and manage to finish my studies. 
2- I've found great friends that are dear to me. 
3- Worked as an event crew - Check on my bucket list! Extra brownie points for that. 
4- Got a job offer and accepted it.
5- Had my first winter white christmas! 

I can say that most of my 2013 was spent on studying. It was difficult at first but i'm truly grateful for all the help that i have gotten! So THANK YOU!

Closing the book on 2013, cheers to 2014. I have not set a resolution for 2014 yet (yes, I'm slow in that department) but heres one thing i know for sure what i want to do for Since having my try on writing beauty related post, i have started loving it so much and truly enjoyed the process. And that is the direction that i want for 2014, it's to write more

I have a couple of ideas in hand for my upcoming post, i'm going to share with you my holiday experience to Korea! I'm excited to relive the moment and blog about it. At the same time bear with me on the lack of post as i'm still trying to adjust balancing my time with my day job and writing blog post. I do spend hours writing one post... I have set myself to put up at least one blogpost every Sunday and this is the first sunday of the year ;P 

In the meantime if your looking for instantaneous updates, i might be on tumblr ( or twitter (@mabeses). 

Cheers to a whole new chapter in 2014! 

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