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I recently made a few purchases from Skin food while i was in Korea (which brings me to my Korea post that i'm still sorting through. Tons of pictures to edit, upload and write about. I hope it will be up some time soon this month.) Without further a do, these are the products that have been sitting in my make up pouch waiting to be used and loved. 

Skin Food Nail Vita Alpha
The bronze glitter was the first thing that draws me when i first caught a glimpse of it in the store. Which was one of the reason why i bought it, the other reason was that i dont own any nail polish from Skin Food. This nail polish is a clear polish with specks of glitter - hmmmm, specks might not be the correct word to describe it. I might say its more of huge cuts of glitter. Upon applying, i did realise that the glitter did not disperse evenly on my nails and it was hard to get a good amount of glitter. Which is just a sad thing. I thought i would be able to wear it on it's own but it was just getting messy if i were to layer it up. I might be able to wear this on top of a colour nail polish and just get few specks of glitter on it. 

Skin Food Rose Essence Blusher In #2
I didn't realise how versatile this blusher could be. It's such a pretty orange colour that has a slight bronzing shimmer in it. You could totally wear this everyday and have a pretty glow to your cheeks (check out the swatch picture below) -Which would give you the effect of a healthy glowing skin. One unique thing about this blusher is that it smells like rose, hence the name. I don't really fancy rose smelling things but it doest bother me too much on the scent. I really like the payoff colour, one swatch and i picked up just enough of colour that shows. 

Skin Food VIVA-Waterproof Tip Pen Eyeliner 
Since getting this, i have been using it everyday! I just love it that i can easily control the thickness of my eyeliner and it's waterproof. It dries just as soon as i apply it which is another plus point. We won't want any panda eyes when we sneeze right in the middle of applying the eyeliner do we? (#makeupfirstworldproblems)The staying power is great, which last me a whole day without smudging or budging anywhere. I did not once need to reapply or touch-up. Fuss free is the key word.  I can 100% say this is one great jet black eyeliner! Totally recommended. 

What's your favourite makeup product from Skin Food?

Disclaimer:- All the products seen above is purchased with my own money and is not sponsored. This review is intended to share information with my readers and are my own opinion. 

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