Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser

I've changed up my daily facial wash (check out what i used previously here) and has been using Clarin's gentle foaming cleanser the past couple of months. It's been a great cleanser for oily combination skin where theres small beads that helps to scrub off any grease or clogged pores. Using this twice a day, it has helped my skin keep clear from pimples (well, except those occasional pesky pimples that comes out during that time of the month).

It goes very foamy when lathering which will make you look like a ghost in the mirror. The micro beads that's in the product is not too abrasive which makes this cleanser gentle enough for daily scrubbing. Scent wise, it has a very refreshing scent that will make you feel much awake after classing.

I've totally been enjoying using this cleanser as the results is amazing! I do recommend you to give this a try if you have combination or oily skin and is prone to pimples.

What cleansers have you been loving recently?

Disclaimer:- All the products seen above is purchased with my own money and is not sponsored. This review is intended to share information with my readers and are my own opinion. 

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