Of Food, Sea and Sunshine

I had a quick weekend getaway with some friends last month to Penang where i've eaten till my stomach was full to the brim and had some awesome view of the sea. Not forgetting to mention to awesome bunch of peeps! 

After a long 5-6 hours of drive, our food fest journey begins! From Sister's char kuey teow to Air Itam asam laksa, it felt like my taste pallets was rejoicing. I was just too happy looking at the food itself. 

My first try on Sister's char kuey teow tasted quite normal to me except for the XL large prawns. I'm not quite a big fan of char kuey teow to be honest. 

Had some good indian food and drinks.

To top it off with yummy Thai tab tim krupp as desserts beside a sea view. Which is located inside of Spice Garden.

Not leaving out this awesome bowls of scrumptious asam laksa. I can feel my taste buds tingling looking at this.

Made a pit stop at Bukit Bendera, to get a good chilly breeze as the weather was super hot and humid!

The last night before we left, we had some colouring session going on and some ice blended drinks to accompany us at China house.

I finally got a closer look at this mural.

All in all i can say that Penang will always be my favourite foodies place! 

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