Too Cool For School Marshmallow Puff

This is my first take on using a blending tool and i'm IMPRESSED! I've heard so much about the beauty blender and also real technique's miracle complexion sponge of how good they are in giving a much better finishing look and all the other raves about it. But i'm not sure if i really want to invest so much on a sponge at the moment. So, i took the alternative route and bought this one instead. 

It's exciting that we're able to find Too Cool For School brand here in Malaysia, the store is so cute with the beauty products looking like stationery. FYI, it's located at Bangsar and The Gardens Mall. Just Google it and i'm sure you will be able to find a direction to the store. If you have not heard of Too Cool For School before, it's a Korean brand that offers skin care and beauty products with packaging that resemblance to school stationery. Too cute!

Honestly, I can't give a good comparison between the beauty blender or real technique's miracle complexion sponge cause I've not tried either one, but i just got to say that i'm pretty satisfied with the marshmallow puff at the moment. It's quite a multipurpose tool which helps in blending both foundation/bb foundation and liquid concealers at the same time it's small enough to bring along when travelling. 

What i really have been enjoying using this is that it helps to blend out my foundation nicely giving me a flawless finish look. The puff has a weird shape but it really does help in giving a firm grip during application. The pointed tip is really easy in helping me to blend out products near my nose and under my eyes as it helps with precision. There are two different ways to use the marshmallow puff, either damp or dry. I've tried both ways and feel that applying it damp is much easier in blending out the product as the sponge would be in a softer form. 

I would usually apply my bb foundation onto my skin and taking the damp marshmallow puff, and in a stippling motion blend it out. The stippling motion will help in giving that flawless base. I also realize that the puff did such a great job with giving a thin even layer of foundation. 

The puff doesn't absorb the foundation as much as the normal sponge that you find in the drugstore. I did some brush cleaning over the weekend, and the marshmallow puff is so easy to wash. I just spritz some baby shampoo onto my palm and give it a good scrub to clean out the foundations on the surface and than give it a good squeeze. Whatever grim, dirt and foundation that is left on the puff will be washed away. Just keep squeezing the puff like a stress ball till the water turns clear. 

One downside, is that i wish it was much softer in terms of squishy-ness (if that is a word.. LOL). Nevertheless not forgetting to mention, this tool is only Rm26.80. That's a steal! I might not be splurging on some expensive blending tools at the moment even though the reviews were all fantastic about it. But who knows, maybe in the future i just might. For now, thank you marshmallow puff! :)

Blending tool, Yay or Nay? Whats on your list to buy from Too Cool For School? 

Disclaimer:- All the products seen above is purchased with my own money and is not sponsored. This review is intended to share information with my readers and are my own opinion. 

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