First set of brushes! | Zoeva bamboo set

A couple of months back, i decided to invest in some make up brushes. And I've got a great excuse to actually get one, cause I've never had one! After browsing around and making comparisons with different brushes that are in the market. I finally settled with a basic set of Zoeva bamboo brushes. I've never actually heard of this brand before and only manage to come across them while browsing around Luxola.

The Zoeva set is great to kick start on basic brushes without the need to bust your bank account. I've hauled them for you here. The day i got it in the mail, I was so so excited to take it out to play make up.The brushes come in a set of 12 and oh my... The bristles are so soft and they feel like natural hair even though it's actually synthetic. The bamboo handles are comfortable to use. It's really great that they use synthetic hairs which also means that it's cruelty free! The great thing about this set is that they come in a very convenient brush case which is always great when traveling. My brush set will normally be seating in my recycled candle holder. 

Each brush has a label on their handle, so for new brush owners you don't need to worry if your not sure on the usage of the brushes as they have that area covered. I really didn't bother to look through and pick out the single brushes on site as I knew this set was good to set me with all the basics that I needed. 

Since getting them, I've really got the most use from the powder, blusher, blender and eyeshadow brush. The whole set of 12 actually consist of:
  • Foundation brush to help you apply liquid foundation (though i don't really use this brush much as it doesn't really blended the foundation smoothly)
  • Powder brush, my favourite one to use when dusting powdered foundation. 
  • Buffer brush to buff and blend foundation.
  • Blush brush, another of my favourite which doubles up for me as a blush and contouring brush.
  • Fan brush which i use it for sweeping my highlighter.
  • Concealer brush to blend in concealer at hard to reach places.
  • Shader brush, now this is quite similar to the concealer brush in shape but slightly smaller than the concealer brush. I normally use this to sweep and pat on my eyeshadows.
  • Another shader brush but smaller in size to help apply eyeshadows in the inner corner.
  • Crease brush, so soft and really helps in blending the eyeshadow into the crease very well. Another favourite of mine.
  • Eye blender brush, which helps you to apply eyeshadows at a more precise manner. It has got a sharper end than the crease brush which really helps in applying the eyeshadow at your target area. 
  • Lip brush, which is self explanatory.
  • Liner brush, to help you line those eyes. Though i was wish it could be a bit more softer.
Overall, there are some hits and misses on the brushes for me as you can see. I've been washing the brushes every weekend and they did not shed once. Which is one great point! The brushes dry easily and they get back into shape after every wash. I think the brushes speaks well for their quality. Good quality and budget friendly brushes, goes hand in hand for Zoeva. 

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Disclaimer:- All the products seen above is purchased with my own money or gifted and is not sponsored. This review is intended to share information with my readers and are my own opinion. 

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