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I've been meaning to talk more about Sleek's Face Form Contouring Palette since hauling it in my Luxola order. Yeap.. so here i am, after having had some fun with this contouring palette i think it was time to gather my thoughts and pen it down! 

If your looking for a basic contouring palette which is compact enough for traveling or a palette to just pop into your handbag, this palette is right up your alley! Besides the packaging being so compact, the huge mirror that came with it is another plus. 

Other than the sleek packaging that is going on, the star of the palette is definitely the product. It's really pigmented and has a smooth formulae to it. It doesn't chalk up as far as i've used it. So that's a good sign. The colours are really wearable, the bronzer has the right shade to help you bring a lil bit of sunlight. The blusher is a nice pink with a dust of gold in it but not to worry, the gold doesn't show up after you have applied it. My favourite among the three has definitely got to be the highlighter. It has the right amount of shimmer and when applied, it brings the right amount of light to your face. 

Sleek definitely has done it right. I don't have to look far for a contouring palette as i know this palette is just right for me. The price point is also another plus. I bought mine from Luxola for RM53.   I might be eyeing more on Sleek products (wink wink). 

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What are your thoughts on Sleek face form contour palette?

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