Weekend Outtakes | Holiday tea, series and a sushi fest!

If your a season reader of my blog, I'm sure you would have seen my previous post about my weekend. If you have not, well here's what i did over the weekend (just a heads up, it involves more food). I'm not really digging the name "Over the weekend" so i have decided to rename it to "Weekend Outtakes". So here's what i've been up to over the past two weeks. 

1. Tea time at Chinoz over the Raya holiday, and boy it was a bad idea to be out and about on a public holiday. 
2. Since having a long weekend, I had the luxury of time to sit down and catch up on my series which I'm way way behind everything. I'm currently watching The OC. 
3. Japanese food is one of my favourite cuisine and definitely would have it anytime. Here's some picture for you to drool over :) 

Have a great day ahead peeps! 

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