Winter in Korea: Day 1 - Arriving and Checking In

I'm finally taking some time to sit down and blog about my korea trip after months and months of putting it off (been forever). I've been procrastinating too much from sorting out the pictures. Since i have been binge watching Korean drama's these days (manage to watched My Love From The Star, so good! and my current favourite is The Heirs), I really missed Korea and think it's just about time to talk about it. 

I'm splitting up the post by different days, I think there's just too much to talk about. So let's just get into it aye!~

Just FYI, this trip to Korea was in December 2013, and yes i have put if off for THAT long.. December is when winter starts, so if you are going around this time better bring along the right attire or else you will be freezing your ass off while sight seeing.

We kickstarted off the trip with an early flight from KL and ensuring that I would be reach Seoul by the evening. The flight was around 7 hours and thank god it was smooth sailing all the way.

Your average in flight food from Airasia. 

Reached Incheon Airport save and sound. Incheon airport is surprising so clean!

First thing that we did was to find a coffee place in the airport before leaving off to the hotel. We manage to stumble upon Cafe Bene. A couple months later, we have Cafe Bene here in KL! 

After having a tad bit of a hard time trying to order at the counter, we finally manage to get our drinks. We definitely need these warm drinks before bracing ourself for the cold winter air. 

After filling our tummy with some warm drink it was time to bundle up and head out. Before coming to Korea, i definitely did my research on the places that we planned to go and also how to get there. At this point of time, whatever was written on my one piece of paper seem to be my life on getting about in Seoul. As the first mission was to check into the hotel, we need to take bus no. 6010 from the airport which will stop at Wangsimni station. This is where our hotel is. It wasn't hard to find the bus stop, the sign was big and clear right when we exit the airport. One plus point in Seoul, i don't think you would get lost if you know where to exit. Preparation is definitely key! Since it was winter, nighttime just comes early. It may seem like it's 8 o'clock but actually it was only 5pm here.

The bus ride to the hotel was approximately 20 minutes. Once settled in, it was time for dinner. We decided to just wonder about nearby our hotel and lucky us, we came across this BBQ place which serves really scrumptious Korean food. We really had no idea what we were in and was really surprised with how good the food was. I don't think we can ever get this in Malaysia. Oh boy, thinking about it, the taste still lingers about in my mouth. Brace yourself for some food pictures ahead. 

This ahjussi is the one preparing all the BBQ meat outside the store, and bear in mind that it was winter so it was definitely cold outside. 

Once the meat is cooked, they serve us by bringing the meat to the BBQ pit on our table. This will help keep the meat warm and nice, and they actually use charcoal for the fire. So just imagine the taste of the meat that is infused with the smoke from the charcoal. So good!

The owner of the store was really nice and welcoming. Knowing that we're not from around, he  explained to us in english on how to eat the food and also recommending us what to order. We settled with some squid, chicken, eel, and steam egg. The meal was so good that i only manage to capture a few pictures before it all went into our belly.

Some pickles that was serve to go along with the meal.

Oh, and what's a meal in Korea without soju and makguli?! 

Steam egg was definitely so nice and soft.

Besides the BBQ meat, this was the bomb! It's rice, egg, kimchi, anchovies mixd with some korean sauce. Sounds simple but it's definitely the bomb. The owner was kind enough to demonstrate it to us on how to eat this seeing the clueless looks on our face. Hahaha. He told us to put everything into the  box, covered it with the lid and shake it like you never shake it before. Open the box and enjoy your meal. Gosh the taste was so so good! I don't think i can put it into words. It's definitely a must try!

Overall, Seoul has already left a lasting impression on me. From the environment, people and especially the food! First day has been a good one and i'm excited to talk about day 2 next. Everland! I will gradually post them once a week so stay tuned for that! :) 

Have a great day ahead peeps! 

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