I stole my mum's perfume | Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs

I stole my mum's perfume, literally! Since my favourite taylor swift perfume has run it's course, it was time to try a new scent. Just at the right time my mum got this as her birthday present, what better chance to steal it over and take a whiff of it. I have secretly been using it every day. *shhhh*

Lets start off with the packaging. I love the daisies going all around the top of the bottle. It's such a feminine look, what more it looks stunning on my dressing table. The baby blue with hints of gold makes it stand out among my other bottle of perfumes. The spraying mechanism feels really sturdy and sprays out evenly each time.

If your into soft floral scent with a slight hint of sweetness, than this is right up your alley. The floral scent is not too overpowering which i really love. I'm not much of a floral scent lover as sometimes it can be too overwhelming for me that's why i tend like sweeter scents like Taylor by Taylor Swift. So it was quite surprising that Daisy Dream smells pleasing to me.

What's your to-go perfume at the moment?

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