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On those days where you feel a little bored with your everyday look or just wanting to have a fresh start, this is what you should do. Go back to basics. I'm suggesting a clean start to your makeup routine by nailing down these 5 steps to primp and prep. It's also for those days when you only have 5 mins before rushing out the door.

These 5 products is all you need...

1- Erase those spots and redness
Concealer is seriously a big help in hiding those red spots and those dark eye circles. This really help to even out the skin tone and make it look flawless. The concealer that i have in hand is from Etude House Surprise Essence Concealer. The formula is smooth and blends out evenly but it crease on me at times. Comparing this to the Collection concealer (which is a cult favourite) I might just go and repurchase that once i've manage to use this up. I usually dab this under the eyes as well as over red spots than blend it out with a blending tool or fingers. 

2- Set things in place
Setting the concealer in place so that it doesn't budge or smudge off as well as controlling shininess in the T-zone area. This is one step you can skip if your skin is not on the oily side. Me on the other hand find this step important to help bind and set the concealer in place for the day. The product that i reach for is Innisfree No-sebum mineral powder. It's a light weight colorless powder which can be used even when wearing a foundation.

3- Bring some warmth and glow
Bronzer, blusher, highlighter. These three goes hand in hand but we can also break them apart and it still works! Bronzer to warm up the skin tone a little as well as in contouring. Blusher for those rosy cheeks as well as highlighter to bring in light for the natural glow. Depending on the look that you want to achieve, there are no rules on what  you should apply or not apply. For days when i'm really rushing out the door i tend to only apply blusher. The Sleek face form palette is the perfect palette as it's 3 in 1. 

4- Draw those brows
This one step is crucial to help shape the face. I think brows play such an important role in framing our face that sometimes we tend to neglect it. Up keeping the brow is also as important as we would not like to see stray hairs everywhere, do we? Since my discovery of my brows, I rarely leave the house without filling them in. My everyday brow is done using the NYX eyebrow cake powder which i featured in my makeup bag

5- Make those eyes bright
The last and final step is to open up those eyes. Make them look more awake (especially for those days when you only get 4 hours of snooze time). Curl those lashes and add on a coat of mascara. Trust me, this is like the icing on the cake. The final touch to the look. Tarte light, camera, lashes does the job so well that it might crawl up onto my list of favorite. 

What are the 5 products of choice for you? 

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Disclaimer:- All the products seen above is purchased with my own money or gifted and is not sponsored. This review is intended to share information with my readers and are my own opinion. 

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