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If you have been reading Mabeses for some time now, you would have noticed that i don't ever have many reviews on Too Faced products. Actually, to correct that its more of never. Well a simple explanation is that i don't have any.... till now..... Surprise! Surprise! let me present to you my first Too Faced palette, Too Faced Boudoir Eyes. 

I've heard some good reviews about Too Faced palettes. How they feel so nice and wears well as well as the buttery smooth formula. Especially their Chocolate bar. So it was just about the right time that i have this in my collection. I went and took a look at the Too Faced aisle in Sephora and decided to pick up the Boudoir Eyes palette. 

I loved that they come in a tin packaging which means its sturdy enough to take a punch when you use it a lot. Wear and tear do happen when the packaging is not strong enough. Especially when travelling. This compact palette is small enough to keep in your makeup bag or for those who wants to bring a versatile palette when traveling. And can we take a second to admire the details on the packaging, it's so dainty and fit for a princess. 

A little extra How-to Glamour Guide nicely tucked in between the mirror. Where it explains 3 different looks that you can create with this palette. 

Onto the actual product of the palette. What Boudoir Eyes have are 3 rows of eye shadows. They are all nicely placed so that you can just follow each row to create your look or you can just mix and match around. I usually would just go for whatever color that i want for my look. They even made it easier for you to decide which look that you want to go for as Too Faced named each row. You can go for Day, Classic or Fashion look. 

The Day shadows are two matte shades and lightly shimmered shade. In the buff is always nice to highlight the brow bone or you can just use it all over the lid to even out the tone. Fuzzy handcuffs didn't really show much here as it's almost the same as my skin tone. Voulez-vous is my favourite as it's a really nice shade for a day time smokey eye. The matte purple is really nice when blended out onto the outer V or in the crease. 

In the buff, Fuzzy handcuffs, Voulez-vous

The Classic look has one satin shade, one shimmery shade and one matte shade. Satin sheet has a gold undertone where i sometimes layer it over any eyeshadow when i feel that i needed the highlight. I usually pop this in the middle of the lid, just gently tapping it on top. Sugar walls is a nice shade for your everyday neutral look. It looks nice even on its own. Garter belt is the only matte shade out of the three. In the pan, it looks like a black but once swatched it's more of a dark grey with brown undertones. 

Satin sheet, Sugar walls, Garter belt

If your going out to party for the night, than Fashion is your go to look. 2 shimmery shades and one matte with glitter for you to go to town. Birthday suite and Lap dance are both stunningly beautiful. They are the kind of color where you would definitely want to wear it during the day and than adding French tickler for a night time look. French tickler reminds me of a night sky full of stars. The gold glitter definitely made this shade stand out. 

Birthday suite, Lap dance, French tickler

Too Faced do live up to the expectation. All the shades are pigmented and is smooth to the touch. The thing that fell short is that it's not meant to work with wet brushes. I gave Fuzzy handcuffs a whirl with a wet brush and totally regretted it. Just a little warning, there will be fallouts from the shimmery shades. 

I think the Bourdoir Eyes palette has a good variety of color without straying far from neutral tones. The combinations of matte, shimmer and glitter shadows in one palette is a plus point when it comes to having a variety of finishes. Especially when your travelling and only want to bring one palette. I can't compare to any of the other palettes that Too Faced have put out as this is my first palette, but it does leave a good impression on me already. Too Faced Boudoir Eyes is available in our local Sephora and retailing for RM114. 

What would you recommend from Too Faced?

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Disclaimer:- All the products seen above is purchased with my own money or gifted and is not sponsored. This review is intended to share information with my readers and are my own opinion. 

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  1. This Palette has such a precious and pretty design! ^ ^