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I love a multipurpose product and since hearing that Etude House has these eyeliner pencils that can be used on the eyes, cheeks and lips, I could not just miss it. I know these pencils have been released - probably at the start of 2014 but I've only recently manage to pick them up during their December sales. Etude House was having a buy one free one deal and of course I couldn't give up on that deal. It's a nice little addition to my makeup collection. 

The Etude House play 101 pencil collection has 50 different shades as well as different finishes. Shimmers, glitters, matte. You name it. It might feel a little overwhelming when choosing the colours. So, when I went over to their counter, I knew that I would want to pick out an eyeliner and lip pencil colour.

I have in hand here no. 1 which is a black pencil and no. 26 which is a very nice pinkish tone with gold glitters. 

I really like their Black eyeliner. It stays put very well. It's smudge prove as well as waterproof. The lasting power is awesome as it did last me more than 8 hours.  It's also a nice addition that they come with their own sharpener. Pretty convenient to say the least.

The lip pencil on the other hand, it felt dry on the lips unless I put on a lip balm beforehand. I'm not sure myself if it was the right choice to get a glitter lip pencil as the glitters tend to stay on longer than the colour. 

Each Play 101 Pencil retails for RM39.90.

Have you tried any of Play 101 Pencil? 

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