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Finally... It took me quite long to finish The Jewel. This was suppose to be Mabes December book club reading but I guess due to the many holiday celebration, I have only recently manage to finish it. I can already tell you that I wish the sequel is out so that I can pick it up from the bookstore once I put this down. 

Amy Ewing definitely leave you wanting and needing to know what could have happen to Violet at the end of the story..  She has beautifully written the story in such a way that you feel frighten yet excited at the same time as the story unfolds. 

The dystopian story revolves around Violet Lasting which starts of at a facility area where they train Surrogates. Where at one point of time, she would than be auctioned off and move to The Jewel (which is suppose to be the higher/royal city) to bore a baby for the buyer. The whole idea revolving around selling girls and the way the royal treats them is quite frightening. The disturbing scene of surrogates being killed and mistreated are so vivid. They are to perform "Auguries" which is like magic even though it hurts to do it. But amongst all that is going, Violet met a boy whom she love. Both of them come from a different world and they can never be seen together. On top of all this, Violet has intentions to leave the Jewel.

The Jewel was such an easy read with emotions being thrown around. Yet I think there are more to learn about the setting of the story. Amy has left our imagination run wild.

What do you think of The Jewel?

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Next up... Game of Thrones. 

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