Mabeses in 2015

2015. New Year, New Resolution. As per usual? I'm going to take new years resolution as a guideline and goals that I want to achieve for 2015, particularly on Mabeses.

So, as I'm siting down on my desk today and thinking of what I want to achieve in 2015, as far as contents for Mabeses I think I've got it covered all right. 

Here are my 5 goals for 2015:

1) Weekly contents
I've never taken blogging so seriously before but I'm having a blast so far writing beauty contents which I've only started a year ago. 2014 was my first year of constant blogging but nevertheless, there are months which I've only manage to put out a post or two. I've learned so much in 2014 about blogging and the rule of thumb is having an editorial calendar. In 2015, I want to bring more contents for you guys (yes, you!). I've planned out post for January and February in my little editorial calendar. I'm glad to announce that Mabeses will have NEW post every SUNDAY! - which has been going on since 2014 but inconsistently. For post that pop's up on any other days, just consider them as bonus as I've got a full time job to tend to as well. So my commitment here is making sure that contents will be up on Sundays.

2) More reviews
Be it beauty, skincare, fashion products. I want to write more of them and pen down my thoughts of each product. It might not be the latest product that I can get hold of, but rest assure I would keep things going. 

3) Makeup tutorials
Yes, I would like to do more makeup tutorials. I've been toying around with the idea in 2014 but never really got the time to sit down and give it a good thought. It might be time consuming to shot the right angle and get the right lighting but i'm up for the challenge. Makeup tutorials are old news among beauty bloggers but it's fairly a new thing for Mabeses.

4) Mabeses series
This year I'm staying committed to keep "Weekend Outtakes" series going for as long as I can. If you're new to Mabeses, I have a little series called "Weekend Outtakes" where I share snippets of things that I do over the weekend. This year, "Weekend Outtakes" series will include more than something over the weekend - bringing a more personal taste for Mabeses. On another note, monthly favourites will also be a series posted every end of the month. 

5) Improvement in content
I want to challenge myself in improving my photography skills. I love seeing beautiful pictures and want to have that kind of skill as well. I think this little space of mine is a good platform to motivate myself. On the content front that will go along with the pictures, I want to work a little bit more on them to make sure that they hold some depth and quality. I need to make sure that I'm a 100% comfortable with pushing the publish button for every post that will be up.

To wrap things up, Thank you to everyone of you who have stick along with me on Mabeses and taking the time to read contents that I put up in 2014. Thank you! I hope you all had a lovely New years celebration and an even awesome year ahead!!

Lets make 2015 an awesome pawsome year!

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  1. Ohh I am excited to see how your blog develops this year! ^ u ^

    1. Thank you Paige for all your comments! I'm excited to see how 2015 will turn out for me too...

      Xo Mabes