Winter in Korea: Day 4 - Nami Island

So whilst I have my blogging mojo going on, let's talk about Nami Island. 

Funfact: Winter Sonata was filmed in Nami Island during winter. If your into kdrama - I'm sure you already know this.

Of course you have to visit Nami Island during winter not to relieve the kdrama moment but do it for the scenary. It's a little far out from Seoul and would take about approximately 1.5 to 2 hours (if I'm not mistaken) by train. We definitely located one full day in Nami Island. 

A little far out from Seoul and look at the amount of snow! 

Right out from the station, Mr snowman and his son waiting to greet us. 

Nami Island or Namiseom Island is considered a micro nation (Naminara Republic) and it requires an Entry Visa. Hence you would need to purchase your Entry Visa at the Immigration point before boarding the ferry to the island. 

Fun fact: (According to Wikipedia) Naminara Republic have their own passport, currency, stamp and telephone card. 

Breathtaking view while on the way to Nami Island. 

Rows and rows of trees everywhere. Just like the scene in Winter Sonata.

It started snowing lightly not too long after we reached. I was just too happy and excited to ever experience this for the first time. 

Fun fact: Did you know that there's a Nami Island in Malaysia?

These wood burning pits scattered around the island was our saviour. We stopped on most of the pits to keep our hands and feet warm. 

Lunch time! 

While we were almost done with lunch, it started snowing heavily. 

These rabbits were huge!

Warming up my hand after playing around with the snow.

And to try some wonderful peanut filled pastry. I'm not even sure what this is called. It was sweet. 

We took a stroll along the stream and the view of the mountains opposite was just beautiful.

Ending this post with the ever famous first kiss from Winter Sonata. 

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