Winter in Korea: Day 5 - Seoul Square, Bukchon hanok village & Namsan Tower

As your reading this, I will be boarding my flight to my next travel destination. I will blog more about that after I get back but here's my last post about my Korea trip - which took me forever! :)


On the almost last and final day in Seoul (our flight was scheduled the next morning) first thing on our itinerary is to do outdoor skating in Seoul Square. 

Only during winter Seoul square skating ring is open and it only cost KRW1,000/hr. Super cheap and something worth the experience. 

Seoul Square ice skating ring
1) City Hall Station (Subway Line 1, 2), Exit 6.
2) Gwanghwamun Station (Subway Line 5), Exit 5.
3) Euljiro 1-ga Station (Subway Line 2), Exit 1 or 8.

After our frozen little feet got tired, we left the skating ring and headed down our way to fill our hungry stomachs. 

As always, we randomly picked out a restaurant and let them surprise our tastebuds. 

And luck us, this small little restaurant served us some really good bibimbap. 

Yummy Korean seafood pancake that we ordered. 

I ordered the oyster bibimbap if i remembered correctly. It came with a heap full of fresh veg and tasted just perfect. 

We left the restaurant with a happy spirit and headed down to for some cultural sight seeing 

Buckhon Hanok Village

Even though the doors are traditional looking but the security system on them is up-to-date (spot the small little gadget on it). Even we don't have this kind of technology in Malaysia.

When in Seoul you got to do a little sunset seeing on Namsan tower. We headed there around 4pm before the sun started setting. 

The skyline of Korea while the sun is setting behind looks amazing. This wasn't even from the top of Namsan tower, we were only walking to the entrance. 

Isn't this amazing?

To our surprise, they had a mini show on the roof of the elevator while we were ascending to the top of the tower.

The night view of Seoul. Just amazing. 

Oh and not to forget the love lock area in Namsan Tower. 

Our last dinner in Korea ended with an authentic Korean BBQ which I got to say it again was the best. 

We bid goodbye to Korea with an early morning flight. 

All in all, Korea was a really fun place to visit. I really love the food and culture there and hope to make another trip soon. 

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  1. Brings back wonderful memories of Seoul for me. Luckily it was pretty hot when I went but the skating looks like a dream experience. I skipped the tower because there was a huge queue but maybe next time Love your blog!

    { }

    1. The skating was a once in a lifetime experience for me as we can never can it in Malaysia! I would love to go back there again and experience another season. Thanks so much! I truly appreciate it.

      XO Mabes