Sally Hansen Miracle Gel | That Look-a-like Gel Nails

I've gotten my first gel nail polish done somewhere end of last year for a special occasion and really loved the way it turned out. The finish was sleek and shiny plus it stayed on long enough that I neither had to worry when it's going to be ruined. That was my one time I ever did spent quite a fair amount of money in doing my nails - as we all know that gel nail polish comes with quite a price. 

Not too long ago while I was browsing around Watsons I came across Sally Hansen's miracle Gel range. Oh the sweetness of having gel manicure nails without the need of UV light and what's more, I'm able to do it at home. 

I was of course sceptical of it at first, more so on the longevity. I was quite surprised on the first try that it actually lasted on my nails for almost two full weeks - with minimal chips. Plus it only took about 30 mins for the polish to completely settle.  A simple 4-step routine to achieve a longer lasting manicure is right up my alley. 

Step 1 - Lay down the base with a clear coat (110)
Step 2 - Color it in (240 or 380)
Step 3 - Gel it up (100)
Step 4 - Big shiny top coat it

So far I've got two colors in my collection - 240 B girl is a lovely minty color  (I have it on right now as I'm typing this out) and 380 Malibu Peach a orange peachy color that is perfect for spring/summer. 

Would you splurge or save on gel manicures?

Leave your comments below and let me know! 

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  1. These sound so good and i love the peachy and mint shade!
    Rachel Coco

    1. Yup! They're a notch up from normal nail polishes :)

      XO Mabes