This is how it all started

It's a pretty nice Sunday morning today, right after a good storm throughout the night. I have my coffee on my right and my trail of thoughts ready to be poured out. I've been doing some thinking lately. Mainly revolving around my goals in life and reflecting on what actions have I done to achieve my goals. To be honest, it's still a hazy mess. 

My little space in the vast net is also something that I have been thinking a lot. About why I'm actually investing my time into creating contents, and what it has become and how I want to do more about it.  So I thought it was time to put my thoughts into words and get down into the root of things. Brace yourself, it's getting personal.

My first discovery on blogs was during my high school days where I happen to stumble upon a person's account about her day and writing it out onto a space call a 'blog'. At first it felt weird, it felt like I was reading another person's diary yet at the same time it felt refreshing to know what is happening in someone else's life. Since than, the idea of having your own little space on the net was something that appealed to me. 

Fastforward a few years later into my Uni days, while juggling classes, assignments, exams and whatever that entails a student to do, I somehow felt that I needed a place for some creative outlet.  A platform that my mind can stray away from all the assignments. So one day, I just went onto creating a blog and just write what I feel like writing. Clearing out my thoughts was therapeutic. I was mainly documenting my day or events that occurred or about movies that I watched, basically it became a journal that I would spend time making entries. 

After having the blog for a few months, I realised that I really love writing contents. Naturally I do love reading. I have had the habit of reading since I was a young girl. Writing was something secondary to me but since being able to have a place where I get to have full control on the contents that I put out there, my writing has evolved into something more serious. At that point of time, I was sure that I wanted to write contents that meant something to me. Writing and documenting about my day was getting bored. Than, I decided to write a review on one of my staple products and post it on the blog. You can see the post here. - Who knew that this post would have been my most viewed post till date even when the quality isn't good.  

It was refreshing to write about my beauty product and since that post, I have been thinking about writing beauty contents. Around that same time, I was traveling in Singapore during Christmas so naturally I was also documenting about my trip. In between writing about beauty products I was also writing about travelling. 

From there onwards, I rebranded my blog (here's the entry about it) and started posting beauty contents more frequently - My second most viewed post right after I rebranded my blog is here. I even started building my editorial calendar to make sure that I post consistently. Blogging was starting to get even real.

Reflecting about how I got started and where I am now has made me realise the reason why I blog: 

1. I love to read and write.

Reading another person's blog and writing my own contents bring new perspectives to me. 

2. Being able to share and discuss about things that I love.

Writing about beauty/travel/life and whatever contents that I am passionate about and seeing comments from my readers that my content has helped them in a certain way or just talking about the product, being able to share and discuss with the like minded makes it so much more meaningful. 

3. I am able to practice my writing.

The more I write, the more I am able to command my writing much more than where I initially started. Sometimes the voice in me just tell to me write and I'm happy to have a place where I can have full creative control on the contents that I want to publish.

4. It's not about the money, It's about what I want to do.

I definitely do not get paid to put out the contents. Even so if I do get paid, I would put out contents that I am passionate to talk about. It would be hard for me to write something that I'm not passionate about. The contents that I have put out so far are topics that I personally love to talk and share with everybody.

5. It's the community.

The comments/tweets/replies from bloggers all around the world, putting positive thoughts and encouragement to one another makes blogging a whole new exciting place to be.  

It's the passion to write, create and share, makes it empowering. It's some sort of being your own boss, publisher, creative content manager all bundled into you. It's the journey that made me stayed and goals to keep moving forward. I have plans to bring mabeses into a place where quality contents are being written. Blogging may not be or ever be my full time job where I can rely on to earn a living, but it has been a place where I can rely on to write and create my voice in the sea of contents.

It's all about the voice in my head and nothing can stop me besides myself.

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