Bali Photo Diary

So this has been sitting in my draft folder for the longest time. I gotta be honest, I have been procrastinating a lot lately thus the lack of post. Today, I woke up and feeling a little inspired to write for a bit before starting off my week. Here's my snippet (FYI photo heavy post) of Bali through my lens.

A long weekend is definitely worthy of a short getaway. Am I right?? I was referring to the long labour day weekend in early May. Booked my flight and place of stay, and I'm all ready to head to Bali. The land of peace, love and everything relaxing. And boy, 4 days 3 nights definitely wasn't enough. 

The sun, food, culture, and sights of Bali is worth making many trips. I wouldn't mind going back there again for a longer stay! The photo and experience that I bring home with me is something worth treasuring. 

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