Sunday nights are kept for pampering routines

July have quickly gone by without much happening on the blogging front here for me. It has been somewhat of a stressful and emotionally invested month. There was a lot of thinking that I needed to do and at the end of the month I have manage to find my internal voice and came out feeling more motivated to take some action in what I can control. Maybe more on that another time. 

Today I would rather touch on topics that are more on the lines of relaxation. Think zen. Think calmness. Think about pampering and winding down for the night to have a great start for the week.

Sunday nights are usually when I prepare myself mentally and physically for another hectic week ahead. I schedule it on Sundays to make sure that I say goodbye to the previous week and start fresh for the following week. It's a pretty simple routine. Light a candle to set the mood, cleanse and prep my skin for the night and a good book in hand.

To set the mood I light up my Bath & Body Works Lavender Vanilla scented candle. This will fill my room with a nice soothing scent and set the tone for the night. Moving along, removing any makeup  for the day with The Body Shop's Camomile cleansing balm, another soothing scented product which I'm currently loving. Follow up with my skin care routine. Which I think I should write an updated post about it. I've finally found a good routine that helps with my pimple prone skin.

The cherry on top is getting into bed, wrapping the fluffy blankets around to get cosy and digging into the current book that I'm reading. (I'm actually reading more than 1 book at the moment) I'm sort of half way through GOT and it's taking so slow. Is it just me or anyone else is experiencing the same thing? Anyways, it's starting to get interesting and I'm always excited to read when it comes to Daenerys. 

A good tip for winding down for the night would be to set the alarm for the next morning and putting your phone into airplane mode and set it aside. No phones for the night. Just indulge yourself into a good 30 minutes to 1 hour of reading time. No reading from a tablet but read from the good ol' fashion way. This will give your eyes a good rest from straining so much with technology. If your not so much into reading, try journaling. Self reflecting is such a good way to better understand yourself.

What's your current pamper routine?

I would love to read all about it. Leave your comments down below! 

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