Hiatus Update & A Peak Into My BookShelf

I am currently in a blogging slump. It has been 4 weeks since my last update, and I am totally uninspired to actually sit down and write. My skin has not been in it's good shape recently and it's driving me nuts internally, which results to me wanting to slap on less makeup in my daily routine. I have been occupying my time with some Korean dramas as well, and for those who watches K-drama's you will know it's not just time, but emotions invested too. So far I have manage to watched Healer, Fated to Love You, The Master's Sun and currently catching up on She was Pretty. Not forgetting my laptop has been giving me problems with random shutting down. Yup, not fun at all. 

That's my short hiatus update and I believe this break was just what I needed. Taking a step back from my clouded mind and just stand still for a moment. Every week I felt like I am obligated to churn out new post, and balancing that with a day job, family and friends, it was just drowning me down. So I just decided to stop doing whatever I am doing and clear my head for a while. Now that I'm feeling a little refreshed, it's time to ignite the blogging spark again!

I thought it would be appropriate to bundle this little update with a small tour of my bookshelf as I have been visiting the bookstore a couple of times for the past 3 months. Checking in randomly on the new launches and like on autopilot, randomly picking books up and bringing it to the checkout counter.

I liked the idea of collecting books and building my own personal library. Even though my collection is not a large collection, but I do love my dedicated little corner in my bedroom. This shelf holds many magical places, that whenever I'm stress, down or happy, opening a book and delving into the story is just bliss. I guess that is all for today's post. New beauty post will resume next week, so stay tune for that! 

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