Bookish Goals For 2016

What better way to start off the first post of 2016 with one of my MAIN GOAL in mind, which is to set aside more time to read. Reading has been one of my hobbies since young and I have read a fair share of books during my student years, but since starting off into the adulthood, I have been reading much less than I used to. 

I haven't been setting aside enough of time to finish a good amount of books. So this year, I want to be proactive into igniting my reading habits. 

First step into being proactive is to set an amount of books that I would want to accomplish this year. I took the liberty of joining the Goodreads reading challenge for the first time.

For those of you who don't know about Goodreads, it's a community site that talks all and everything about books. You can literally find all kinds of books, be it upcoming new books for the month/year, bestsellers, books by genre, reviews from other readers to a community of people who loves to talk just anything about books.

Goodreads has an ongoing yearly reading challenge that you can join once you have set up an account. Thus for my 2016 reading challenge, I've set a goal of reading 20 books. It's not alot, considering that there are people who aim to read 100 books in a year! That amount is just somewhat unrealistic for me to aim. So I think 20 would be sufficient for a start! Let's jut see how it goes.

I have inserted my 2016 Goodreads reading challenge on the sidebar for you to catch up on my progress.

Secondly, is to grab a pen and paper and start writing down a list of books to read. First thing on my list is to reread the Harry Potter series! It's been a long time since I've reread the entire series, so this year I should do just that. I also have a number of books that has been sitting on my shelf waiting for me to read them, so I might just add them to the list as well.

Lastly, just pick up a book and start reading, dreaming, learning and see more of the world.

Currently reading....

Have you set any goals for 2016? and What are your bookish goal?

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