Life Update

Hello everybody! It has been long since I've last typed out anything on the blog front here. So long! Where do I even begin? It feels like talking to an old friend whom I've not met in a really long time. There's just so much content that I want to put up! To be honest, I do miss writing for Mabeses. It's been a place where I'm able to write freely without barriers at the same time able to share with everyone on my thoughts about beauty, travel destinations, books that I'm reading and throw in a few bits and bobs of life. 

Lets see, it's been ONE whole year and these are the things that happened.

1) I took a short getaway to a remote island called Lang Tengah. The required vitaminsea that we need.

2) Went there with the boyfriend and found myself a fiance - Woot! Woot! We Got Engaged!

3) Travel again with a whole bunch of awesome friends exploring Phuket. 

4) Started on the wedding planning. Which took a whole tiring year, but it was totally worth going through the experience. 

5) Got Married! 

6) Went for a very needed honeymoon. 

Life has been happening outside of the blog-sphere and I made a conscious decision a year ago to put mabeses a side to focus on other priorities, as you can see there were a lot of travelling and wedding planning!  I am planning to revive this little space of mine and I'm really excited to be back writing. Keep your eyes peeled on this space as new contents will be updated! =) 

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