What's in my makeup bag?

I have to confess, I've always enjoyed watching youtube videos or reading blogpost about what's in another person's bag and what has she been using/loving these couple of months. It might not be surprise that this is where i'm heading to, digging into contents of my makeup bag which is my everyday go-to products! 

On my usual routine, i would always start off concealing with Benefit Boi-ing in 01. This small little baby does a good job in concealing my blemish scars and also under the eye area. It also helps to brighten the eye a little bit (which i really like). I did talk about this product when I first purchased it in February and have wrote about it here. After the much concealing, I than move on into putting on a thin layer of foundation to even out the skin tone and create a clean canvas. This is my first time using Laneige BB Cushion foundation in No. 14 Pink Beidge and I can tell that i'm loving it! The packaging screams powder foundation, but once you open it you will be surprise that is a liquid foundation. The sponge that came with it is awesome in helping to give a good coverage. This foundation is not heavy and its easily build able. I normally don't touch up in between and i do realise that this foundation do crease around the forehead, but i would just use a tissue to blend the crease out whenever i spot one. 

Once i get my canvas ready, my usual go-to for my eyebrows is NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder in 02 dark brown/brown, which is easily available in Sephora outlets here in Malaysia. I would mix the two colours together and just outline my arc than lightly fill it in using the brush, altogether skipping the wax that is provided just cause i don't think i need it. Since using this eyebrow cake powder i might not be going back to pencil.

I've got two eye shadows that I currently love, Nature Republic eye shadow in BR802 and Maybelline 24 Hr colour tattoo in Bad to the Bronze. These two bronze eyeshadow is just simple to use and always an easy everyday look. Nature Republic eye shadow has just the right amount of shimmer in it which will brighten up your eyes and it has less fallout when applying. I've been using this tons and always last well through out the day without any creasing! Depending on the days, i would sometimes use Maybelline colour tattoo as a base to hold my other eye shadows or use it alone as a shadow. The downside with cream shadow is that they get dry after time and sometimes make it hard to pickup the product when its dry.  So far with Maybelline colour tattoo it's still surprisingly easy to pickup the product and also still blend able even after some time, but i guess that's just for now. I hope it doesn't get to the point where i would have to chuck it out. 

After applying my bronzy eyeshadows, I would feel more complete with eyeliner! I've got two different eyeliners in two different shade, the first one is Skin Food VIVA-Waterproof Tip Pen Eyeliner which is jet black colour and Sweetsalon for charming girl liquid to powder eyeliner in brown. I did not know that Skin Food has got such a great eyeliner! It did surprise me that the consistency of the liner is smooth and also that it never budge throughout the day. I just love fuss free makeup! The other great thing is that the fine tip is easy in giving you either fine lines or thick lines, up to your preference. For days which i feel like playing down the eyes, i would opt for a brown liner. This Sweetsalon brown eyeliner is also great as it stays put through out the day and does not smudge. I think i might just have a new addition of loves to my Top 5 eyeliners

To finish up the look by adding some colour, of course. I really have been enjoying using Topshop blusher in the shade Flush as when its blended out it gives me a natural look. The product has a smooth consistency and easily blend able.Yes, I've got two different blusher in my makeup bag.. what can i say, a girls gotta have variation. In2it sheer shimmer blush in SB 01 pink pearl is great to give you that finish glow as there's a bit of a shimmer in the product. 

You might realise that there's no lip product or mascara in my makeup bag, that's cause i normally leave these two products in my handbag. I'm always on the run and late for the most part of my mornings, and it's convenient to have these in my handbag... which i might just leave it for another post! 

PS: My list of product has changed since my everyday makeup staple post.

So, tell me, what's in your makeup bag?

Disclaimer:- All the products seen above is purchased with my own money and is not sponsored. This review is intended to share information with my readers and are my own opinion. 

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