The Body Shop : Smoky Plum

I've pop another cherry again and this time it's by a great smoky eye palette from The Body Shop (get your head out of the gutter). If you haven't know, i managed to get hold of Cleo's June beauty box this time round and was really excited to give this palette a whip! As i have quite a tiny palette collection, this one has been a great addition as it's one of those kind that can transform an every day look to a smoky night time look. 

Instructions are given at the back of the box and it's a good guideline to create your smoky eye look with the 4 shadows in the palette... or you can just go wild and do whatever look you want :)

It comes with a huge build in mirror in the palette and i can tell, this is gonna be a great multipurpose palette.

The 4 colours in this palette carries a very nice brown/plum look. It has a highlighter for under the eyebrow and inner corner of the eyes, a nice light brown to create a transition effect, a darker shade of brown with a hint of yellow undertones for the outer lid and to finish it off with a plum colour to create a smoky effect. These 4 shades has a light dust of shimmer in them which will give off a very nice effect during the night. 

These colours are very buttery and smooth to the touch which makes it very easy to blend altogether. The pigmentation are also great (check out my swatch below), really good colour payoff. I tried it for a day time look and it lasted me well for more than 6 hours, almost a whole day really. I put it on without an eyelid primer and it didn't crease on me. Double brownie points for that! 

Another great thing about this palette are the brushes that came with them. An angle brush and a flat brush to help create that nice blended smoky effect. Both brushes has soft bristles and a good size of handle. I'm quite impressed with the brushes. Honestly, i wasn't expecting the brushes to be half as good as it is. But who are we kidding, these are from The Body Shop! 

Just with one swipe of each colour and this is the colour payoff. Another brownie point for such a great colour payoff in a small palette. However, the plum colour came out to be more of a dark brown than a plum on my skin tone. 

Overall, i'm in love with this palette. It's a really compact palette to carry in my handbag, which can turn my neutral day time look to a dramatic night time look. Not to mention smooth and buttery texture and great colour payoff. The Body Shop has caught my attention now, and i might be just making plans for some future palettes from them :)

Have you tried any Body Shop palettes before?

Disclaimer:- All the products seen above is purchased with my own money or gifted and is not sponsored. This review is intended to share information with my readers and are my own opinion. 

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