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My skincare routine is one post that have been sitting for far too long on my list of blogpost idea. So i thought today would be a good day to whip up a post and check it out of my list. I don't think i've posted one before dedicating to just morning skin care routine alone. So here i am sitting down and typing this post out to share with you guys what i've been using every morning. 

Keeping things simple in the morning with only four skincare steps.  If you're a season reader of my blog you would know that my skin is acne prone with oiliness on the T-zone area. If your not, now you know! :) Here's what i've been using: 

Step 1. Cleanse - Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser
I've wrote a review on this before and since seeing result to my skin, i have not changed to any type of cleanser. They have changed the packaging since than and i do prefer this one compared to the old packaging. They have made it easier to squeeze the product out. The formulae is still the same if I'm not mistaken (well, correct me if I'm wrong). I use this for day and night and each time i feel my skin is more refreshed and clear of impurities. 

Step 2. Tone - Khiel's Calendula Herbal-Extrac Toner (Alcohol-Free)
I've talked about this briefly before here. If you didn't know, Calendula helps in soothing acne prone skin and calming down any inflamed ares. Which is really great for my skin! I usually pour some onto a cotton wool and wipe it gently over my face. It feels really nice when applying and whenever i feel that a certain area needed more attention, i will leave it on for a little bit longer. 

Step 3. Serum - Biotherm Pure-fect Skin
This is a new step in my skincare routine. Only recently did i start to feel that i needed some extra care to help in healing and maintaining my skin. Those years of picking and tugging on the skin has left a few marks. So one day i walked up to Watsons and asked the sales rep to recommend me something which will help in perfecting my skin. And voila, i paid and brought it home! I really love that the gel gets absorbed into the skin easily. It always make my skin feel so smooth and nice to the touch. It does exactly what it says, keeping the oiliness at bay. The gel like texture is smooth and smells really nice as well. This was a pretty good addition to my skin care routine as it felt like my skin has shown some improvement. I usually go for one pump (day and night) and than tap is onto the skin at the same time giving some pressure for blood circulation and reduce puffiness.  

Step 4. Moisturize - PureHeals Calendula 70 Blemish Moisturizer
I picked this up about a couple months ago from Sephora. I've not tried anything from PureHeals before and since hearing that it's from Korea, i was pretty sure that it will be good. Whilst keeping in the same ingredient list which will help in soothing my inflamed pimple prone skin. The product comes in a gel like texture which will spread on easily onto the skin and doesn't leave a stickiness feel. Besides the calming effect it also helps with wrinkle care and whitening as well. Oh and did i mention, PureHeals does not test on animals! 

What's your morning skincare routine?

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Disclaimer:- All the products seen above is purchased with my own money or gifted and is not sponsored. This review is intended to share information with my readers and are my own opinion. 


  1. I cleanse, tone and moisturise my face for my morning skincare routine~ :3
    I followed you on Bloglovin just now! C: