Weekend outtakes #1 | Ringing in the new year

Hello and welcome to the first post of Weekend Outtakes of 2015. If your somewhat new to mabeses, weekend outtakes is a series where I will be sharing snippets from my personal life adding much of a lifestyle post to mabeses. I've made a goal this year to run this series as long as possible and I'm gonna stick to that. It's also nice to look back once in a while. 

1) This year my family decided to have a New Years barbecue since some of my relatives from overseas came down to visit. And it's definitely a great way to kick start the New Year! It was the best barbecue....

2) My uncle had a new puppy and I think he is the cutest fur ball ever! I call him the Cookie Monster. His such a terror really, sinking his teeth into anything and everything that he can get hold of. 

3) I had some really nice strawberries and blueberries for breakfast and it was refreshing. Fully packed with antioxidants.

4) My company had a secret santa gift exchange and I was surprised with my gift. Definitely thankful to my secret santa. Thank you! I really loved the gift. 

5) Had a really nice Korean dinner with my family. It was a newly discovered restaurant for us and we're surprised with how good the food was. Especially the marinated lamb. It was the bomb! Give Jun Won Korean Restaurant a try if you're around KL city centre. 

Overall the first two weeks of January have been really great! Spending time with my cousins and family was the nicest way to start the year...

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