Winter in Korea : Day 3 - Gyeongbokgong, Insadong & Myeongdong

I have no idea how or what happened but I am suddenly missing this post from blogger, so here I am typing this out again... Ugh the frustration. There goes my time down the drain working on the content.  :( Excuse me if i'm lacking of words. 


On Christmas day we decided to just explore Seoul. Since it's a public holiday, I'm sure every tourist destination will be pack. Honestly, holiday season could just be the worst time to travel. 

Korea is full of culture and history, and you have got to visit atleast one of the many palaces in Seoul.  I did my research on all the palaces and narrowed it down to one. 

If your taking the train, alight at Gyeongbokgong station and take Exit 5. 

The view on the way to the palace is stunning.

I instantly fell in love with the roof of the palaces. The color coordination is just on point. 

Try to look up while your there. 

Do check out timings for the changing of the guards event. 

Some sighting of snow :)

Once we were done exploring the palace grounds (FYI it was huge and i doubt we even covered one third of the area) we were definitely famished. 

Lo and behold, right across the main road from gyeongbokgong palace we came across this ahjummah and ahjusshi selling tteokboki, corn dogs, chicken skewers etc. 

Spoiler: It was the best street food ever! 

No. Words. To. Describe. It was just the best thing that i've ever tasted.

This was of course the bomb as well. I can never get the same taste here in Malaysia. 

Weirdly there were some insects cooking? We didn't dare try it. 

Although the street food was satisfying it didn't fill our stomach enough. We randomly stop by a shop that was selling samyetang (ginseng chicken) but sadly it was a let down. 

We dropped by Insadong after lunch. If your looking for some handicraft, artwork or just souvenirs, Insadong should definitely be your go to place. 

We dropped by Myeongdong in the evening for more street food and also some shopping. 

Myeongdong was just pack with people. 

But street carollers made it bearable. 

We hit our coldest night (-13 degree celsius) that day and quickly decided to retreat back to our hotel after some shopping in Myeongdong. 

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